juliana snapper

Among some of our favorite opera innovators… transforming the future of opera… Snapper is a contemporary soprano who combines radical vocal techniques, improvisation and collaboration to push the operatic medium to its extreme limits.

Priscilla Frank, Huffington Post - 2014

Snapper sings the voice as limit… unbearably raw, a flayed shred of human need, desire, pain. Every pore of my skin opens, a venus flytrap lusting for light and noise.

Amelia Jones, The Drama Review - 2006

In funny, operatic hysterics, vocalist Juliana Snapper lists the roles that made Callas and Fremstad rich and famous: Carmen, Tosca, Isolde, etc. Their fate? "Consumption, syphilis, heartbroken, gout, frostbite and dementia." That's entertainment!

Sarah Vowell, Salon - 1998

Exhilarating… A new level of sophistication and black humor.

Faye Hirsch, Art In America You had to be there - 2006

Sci-fi baroque… Snapper performed her dénouement (disappearing up the stairs… only to appear to gasps of surprise out of elevator doors blasting bright light into the darkened space, singing her finale while the haunting voices of the polyphonic singers wafted down the stairwells from above)…

Amelia Jones, Contemporary Theatre Review - 2018

The Snapper piece responded to and reshaped our experience of the biomorphic building… (…) a fitting ending to a moving series of works that honoured the historic and ground breaking project of feminist performance art.

Amelia Jones, Contemporary Theatre Review - 2018

Juliana Snapper is a trained opera singer who uses her voice to ululate at the edge of music, creating visually stunning, highly theatrical performance pieces, combining the sex appeal of 50’s burlesque with futuristic imprisonment scenarios.

Jennifer Coates, Art 21 magazine - 2008