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Sailing to Byzantium (Istanbul, Turkey)

On 2024, Feb. 22, in Istanbul, Turkey, Juliana Snapper is performing composer Onur Türkmen’s liturgical drama “Sailing to Byzantium” with the Gedik Philharmonic Orchestra, opening the fifth edition of The New and Newest Music Festival.

• @gediksanat

Questa strada (Portland, OR, USA)

On 2023, July 29, at The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven in Portland, Juliana Snapper is performing an avant-goût/bout d'essai... of her upcoming show entitled Bufala orbata, in collaboration with Andrew Infanti and Didier Gil.

This exclusive preview performance is called Questa strada — in omaggio a Lucrezio e Pasolini (This Road — a tribute to Lucretius & Pasolini).

Learn more (original poster and incipit) about this event.

• Sounding Darkness: an Evening of Ritual Performance Art

La voix et son double (Paris, France)

On 2023, June 1 at the Conservatoire Mozart du Centre de Paris, France (Conservatory of music in Paris), Juliana Snapper participates in a lecture concert around the voice in electronic music: “La voix et son double” (Voice and its double) with composer Philippe Manoury and mathematician/sound designer Miller Puckette.

• Conservatoire du Centre W. A. Mozart

Make (Big) Opera Listen to You (NY, USA)

On 2023, April 20, Juliana Snapper participates in a virtual conference sponsored by Columbia University:

Nina Eidsheim “Abandoned or Washed Away?: Make (Big) Opera Listen to You”.

• ✉ The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities

Darkness visible (Athens, Greece)

The Darkness visible poster

On 2023, April 19-27, Juliana Snapper is associated with this Immersive performance-making workshop — taking place in Athens, Greece, with Ron Athey, Federica Dauri, Michele Occelli, Diana Torres & Tómi.

The event — supported by Communitism Athens and Higher Sense Studio (see also @highersensestudio) — is run by multi-disciplinary artist and craftsman Hermes Pittakos.


Questa strada poster

Questa strada poster, Portland, 2023, July, 29.

Questa strada incipit

Back on land. Let’s get back to earth. Before there’s nothing left of it. Before the Flood.

This is the story of a female buffalo and her calf. Her name is Bufala: it’s her first name, i.e. her proper name. And Bufalino is what she properly calls her calf, him and him alone, whom she is able to distinguish from all others.

Bufala despairs along an ancient cobbled road in Campania. Death threatens Bufalino. “Mater orbata”, Bereaved mother. A dreadful sacrifice of a life to a terrible god.

This god is called Capital. Whose name is Capital? He’s the name of anthropocide, biocide, ecocide. Cosmocide? — nobody seems to see why not.

Capital’s father is called Money, whom he loves so frantically that they both slaughter the countless children born of their incestuous rapes.

Are these actually the gods that humans worship?

Lucretius: “Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum!” How many disastrous evils has religion been able to uphold!

Religion binds us together with ties that separate and oppress us and eventually aim to kill us.

Let’s untie those bonds.

Let us hear the song of the buffalo female and follow this ancient cobbled road, “questa strada”. This road is “almost nothing”, “quasi niente” (Pasolini): something between being and nothingness.

Let’s follow this poetic road Bufala walks to rescue her calf in the race to nothingness of the capitalocene.

Where does questa strada lead?