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Darkness visible (Athens, Greece)

The Darkness visible poster

On 2023, April 19-27, Juliana Snapper will be associated with this Immersive performance-making workshop — taking place in Athens, Greece, with Ron Athey, Federica Dauri, Michele Occelli, Diana Torres & Tómi.

The event — supported by Communitism Athens and Higher Sense Studio (see also @highersensestudio) — is run by multi-disciplinary artist and craftsman Hermes Pittakos.


Concert Lecture (Paris, France)

In June 2023, at the CNSMD de Paris (Conservatoire de Paris, France), Juliana Snapper will participate in a Concert/demonstration ("Concert Lecture") around the possibilities of vocal/electronic works with composer Philippe Manoury and mathematician/sound designer Miller Puckette.

The event is programmed by the Musicology department with the goal of deepening the listening experience.
The Conservatoire de Paris, France
The presentation of a work or repertory in a new light seeks to associate two essential aspects of a musician's life : instrumental or vocal practice and analysis of a work performed live.

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