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La voix et son double (Paris, France)

On 2023, June 1, 6pm local time, at the Conservatoire Mozart du Centre de Paris, France (Conservatory of music in Paris), Juliana Snapper will participate in a lecture concert around the voice in electronic music: “La voix et son double” (Voice and its double) with composer Philippe Manoury and mathematician/sound designer Miller Puckette.

Excerpts from En écho and Illud etiam will be performed.

• Address: 7 Passage de la Canopée, 75001 Paris, France.

• Contact: +33 (0)1 42 36 17 86

Make (Big) Opera Listen to You (NY, USA)

On 2023, April 20, (12:15pm–2:00pm EDT), Juliana Snapper participates in a virtual conference sponsored by Columbia University:

Nina Eidsheim “Abandoned or Washed Away?: Make (Big) Opera Listen to You

Webinar Registration - Zoom

Contact: sofheyman@columbia.edu

Darkness visible (Athens, Greece)

The Darkness visible poster

On 2023, April 19-27, Juliana Snapper is associated with this Immersive performance-making workshop — taking place in Athens, Greece, with Ron Athey, Federica Dauri, Michele Occelli, Diana Torres & Tómi.

The event — supported by Communitism Athens and Higher Sense Studio (see also @highersensestudio) — is run by multi-disciplinary artist and craftsman Hermes Pittakos.