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New music pioneers
“ Juliana Snapper is one of opera’s most inventive singers ”

ATLAS Summer Experimental Music Week (Aug 6, 2015) : Double Voiced (excerpt), composed and performed by Juliana Snapper in collaboration with Miller Puckette.

A programme of live electronic music and live full dome projection in the Fiske Planetarium of the Colorado University Boulder (CO, USA).

 The event (…) brings together three leaders of avant-garde music for four days of demonstrations and discussions.
Puckette developped software that responds to music and creates the synchronized visualizations you see at many concerts.
Philippe Manoury is the composer he's worked with most often to bring his software to life.

And Juliana Snapper is one of opera's most inventive singers. 

Jessie Bauters, "New Music pioneers
coming to CU Boulder"
, July 29, 2015.

Juliana Snapper performing Double Voiced at Fiske
Planetarium, Colorado University Boulder.
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