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Viva Voce (2013—2015)

By composer Katharina Rosenberger and video artist Heiko Kalmbach

Viva Voce is an interactive sound and video installation exploring the life and work of three experimental vocalists: Juliana Snapper, Pamela Z and Shelly Hirsch.

Katharina Rosenberger outlines her inspiration :

 I have always been fascinated by the interchange of people and places, how one shapes the other and leaves traces upon each other. This is most explicitly documented in the interactive video installation VIVA VOCE (…).
Through oral history and video sequences of performances and everyday activities, we portrayed three experimental vocalists (Juliana Snapper, Pamela Z, Shelley Hirsch); their homes, gardens, neighborhoods, what they hear, smell and dream of in this environment have shaped their personalities and art in compelling ways.

Selected clips from Viva Voce

Watch a selection of clips from the installation Viva Voce, featuring Juliana Snapper.

Use thumbnails: “Swells”, “Diving”, “Costume”, “Wigs”, “Perfection”.

The project was part of the mediaproject award/sitemapping of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

Viva Voce was first shown in 2013, at the Human Resources Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA, then (2014) at Sweet Thunder Festival in San Francisco, CA, USA, and (2015) in Berlin, Germany, at Kleiner Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg.

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