juliana snapper


What CAN the operatic voice do? (in the 21st century)

An interview with Juliana Snapper provided by tv•unam (cultura•unam) in Mexico City, during her participation in the first edition of Vértice Festival, Experimentación y vanguardia (nov 8 - dec 3, 2017).

What was the 2017 Vértice Festival: Experimentation and Avant-garde designed to explore?

 The points of intersection between different lines of avant-garde, artistic experimentation and integration of technological resources that generate new proposals marked by transdiscipline. (…)

Julianna Snapper, the contemporary opera singer, researcher and internationally recognized artist (…) stands out for the development of techniques to extend the sonic and expressive palate in the operatic voice.

Vértice Festival, UNAM University Cultural Center, Mexico City, Mexico.

November 15, 2017:

November 16, 2017: