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Illud Etiam (2012—2018)

Philippe Manoury’s Illud Etiam film, featuring Juliana Snapper

This piece was composed by Philippe Manoury for Juliana Snapper, and premiered by her (USA, California, San Diego, Space 4 Art), on 2012, Oct. 18 —  designed in collaboration with Miller Puckette (software design, synthesis and sound processing).

Juliana Snapper has performed Illud Etiam in different venues a number of times, including the following:

Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China (2013-10-24), Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, Australia (2017-09-03), University of Guanajuato, Mexico (2018-04-26)…

About Illud Etiam and the above film (2016), Philippe Manoury says :

 Composition for soprano and real-time electronics composed in San Diego (California) for Juliana Snapper in collaboration with Miller Puckette.

The texts, in Old French (Louise Labé) and in Latin (Reginon de Prüm) deal with witchcraft. The soloist embodies two roles: a witch and an inquisitor.

From the original version, I made a short film with the creator of the work, Juliana Snapper in the main roles. Sometimes in blonde, when she embodies the witch who will be consumed by the flames, sometimes in brunette when she is the inquisitor, she will manipulate the small company that comes to listen to her sing… up to the spectator who does not suspect the final surprise! 

Juliana Snapper at Guanajuato, MX (2018, April 26).

A repeat performance of Illud Etiam (press review)

Juliana Snapper during a repeat performance of Illud Etiam at San Diego, CA, USA, Space4Art (2012, Oct.)

 Snapper began Illud Etiam with her piercing soprano being directed into a microphone — not for amplification purposes, but to be channeled into Puckett's remarkable program which manipulated it into myriad contextual possibilities to appear at different intervals. (…)
Throughout it all was Snapper's unbelievably dexterous voice, which at times sounded like a theremin on steroids. When that voice was transformed into mocking choirs or reverberant wails, Snapper wove around those devices like a songbird. (…)
As constantly shifting electronic sounds orbited the room, Snapper leaned against a wall and used an i-phone to keep track of the text — proving that the last thing she needed was a microphone.

San Diego Reader, Robert Bush, 2012, Oct. 19

Listen also:

The BIFEM Archive (Bandcamp)  : a live recorded concert of Illud Etiam at the Bendigo Bank Theatre, on the occasion of the 2017 BIFEM [web.archive.org] (Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music), Australia, 2017, Sept. 3.


Illud Etiam Poster from 2017 BIFEM Program