juliana snapper


Singing underwater
Are we still Odysseus?

Nina Sun Eidsheim, Sensing Sound - Singing and Listening as Vibrational Practice, Duke University Press, Durham and London, 2015, ch 1, pp. 27-57.

“Music’s Material Dependency”: about this first chapter of her book, Nina Sun Eidsheim writes:

 I examine the underwater vocal practice of the Los Angeles–based performance artist and soprano Juliana Snapper and dispense with the idea that sound is stable and knowable before it is produced and perceived. By no longer viewing air as the natural medium through which sound materializes, and by recognizing instead that airborne sound partakes of air’s distinctive features, we come to appreciate the process of sound as a dynamic, interactive coming into being. This chapter also applies Snapper’s insights to a surprising new reading of the sirens in Homer’s Odyssey. This is the first of three chapters that discourage the common understanding of sound as merely aural and expose the associated deficiencies in current analytical techniques. 

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