juliana snapper


Bouche à l’eau (2017)

Juliana Snapper's installation commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland (Mar 25—June 26, 2017.)

The Museum opened in its new venue on the banks of the Vistula with an exhibition entitled The Beguiling Siren is Thy Crest.

The exhibition delved into the cultural connotations of Warsaw’s symbol, the mermaid, and aimed to recontextualize it.

Juliana Snapper’s featured film is an original montage of audio-video documentation (single channel video loop with stereo sound) of the underwater opera You Who will Emerge from the Flood.

Bouche à l'eau was also installed (July 19—July 30, 2017) at the Rozenstraat Museum —formerly Stedelijk Museum Bureau (Amsterdam, Netherlands.)

The title Bouche à l'eau (Mouth to water) refers to one of Juliana Snapper's radical operatic vocal techniques: using inversion to initiate internal gravitational shifts to the vocal mechanism, allowing her to sing underwater.

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