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You Who Will Emerge from the Flood…

The first ever underwater opera, part of the Five Fathoms Opera Project (2008-2013.)

The work was conceived, developed, performed and directed by Juliana Snapper and Andrew Infanti. Each performance involved the collaboration of local artists, professional and amateur, from the host city.

These video excerpts, offering a glimpse of the first full-scale opera performed in and under water, show footage from performances at:

Among other places, the opera was also performed at:

“Dear Blorkra” (audio excerpt)

Juliana Snapper & Andrew Infanti, Porto, 2009 (© Nelson d’Aires.)

“Dear Blorkra” is an arietta-interlude from the work You Who Will Emerge from the Flood…

Juliana Snapper's underwater vocalizations are mixed into a piano solo with live electronic (sixth-tone soft-pad synthesizer) distortion.

Listen to this arietta-interlude:

An alien challenge:
Breathing and singing underwater?

Maximizing bone conduction and controlling bubble output as part of a new vocal fabric, Juliana Snapper merges extended techniques with Baroque tropes that represent human longing and passion as aspects of weather.

Pre-recorded sounds from oceanic bubble fields and birdcalls throb above the water as Juliana Snapper’s voice (amplified by an underwater microphone) presses through the soundscape.

Juliana Snapper becomes a modern-day siren in two ways:

— she takes on the role of a hybrid (she is called "Blorkra") that survived a global ecological catastrophe.

— she utilises radical vocal techniques (“Bouche à l'eau”) which require more than her voice being transmitted via a submerged microphone.

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